Pay Per Click

Use pay per click advertising like:


Bing Microsoft adCenter:


These are just a few choices. There are many others sites that you can use to quickly bring customers to your affiliate site.

You can make the most money by advertising with Google Adwords.

Make a campaign called 5Star Author House

Make 5 ad groups: Best Selling Books, Children’s Books, Award Winning Books, Get Free Books, Free eBooks.

Each Ad Group needs relevant “Ad Text, Keywords, And Landing Page”.
This simply means use an Ad Text about Best Selling Books in the “Best Selling Books” adgroup. Don’t worry, we have already written all the adtext and keywords for you below. Just make sure you EDIT the ad text a little bit… so you won’t blend in with everyone else use

If you don’t have a website/domain… they’re only $2.95 a month at Namecheap

Make a DIFFERENT “landing page” for each adgroup! This way your Landing Page will be relevant to your Ad Text and your Keywords.

Once you set this all up, then you’re done… forever!

Most people don’t know about setting up Adwords this way, so you’ll have an unfair advantage on the competition!

Now you just need to set up your landing page.

If you would like to use another company besides for a ppc campaign try

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